How Do You Like to Express Yourself?


(Staff Photo)

Ream Amir, Staff Writer

Art is a great way to express yourself, and it comes in many different shapes and forms. A particular art form in which many people have talents, or are very fond of, is drawing or painting. Some people do it for fun, or because they are very passionate about it while others may do it just as a way to occupy their time, or because they don’t have anything else to do. Not only do people just have it as a hobby, but some can make a living or a profession out of it, which is pretty cool, because what’s better than doing something you love while getting paid for it at the same time?

If you ask people, some of them may say that studying art cannot really be made into a career and is just a hobby, but I think that this is very untrue. With the right amount of patience and a great amount of determination, anything is possible. Everyone should be allowed to dream big, because life is too short not to. It may take some time to get recognized for your work, but eventually it’s bound to happen for many, if not all artists.  There are many people who went to a college or university and studied art that became very well known and successful, whether they are modern day artists, or artists that haven’t been alive for many decades. Artists like Vincent van Gogh who has many great paintings such as The Starry Night, which is one of his very popular works, or Leonardo da Vinci, whose painting Mona Lisa is very well known, and you’ve probably all heard of it, as well as Michelangelo, who was a painter as well as an architect and sculptor, who drew and sculpted many different sorts of religious figures and settings.

With that being said, here’s what some FCHS students said when asked about why they like to draw and when they feel inspired to do it:


“I always seem to draw whenever I’m bored. I love to draw because it’s fun and also you can put all of your emotions into one single drawing.” Anonymous (9)


“I usually just draw whenever I have free time. I like to draw because it’s just relaxing and I like the fact that you’re putting your ideas and creations on paper.” Caresse Giron (9)


“Whenever I feel like passing time I just go get a pencil and some paper and just sketch whatever comes to mind. I feel like drawing is a great way to express myself and I always love to do it even if I’m in the middle of class and I get bored. It’s always been a habit of mine since I was little to just doodle whenever I see a pen and paper in front of me.” Anonymous (11)


Falls Church High School is great because it has a very wide choice of art classes to choose from. Whether its Fine Art, photography or computer graphics, it’s always great to have something you are passionate about in the form of art. There are many schools, such as the Academy of Art University in California, or the School of Art Institute in Chicago, in Illinois, that specialize in teaching art, whether it’s Fine Arts, Performing Arts or anything from architecture to sculpting to poetry.