AP Exams Are Here

(Photo courtesy of smartgirlsgroup.com)

(Photo courtesy of smartgirlsgroup.com)

William Rhodes, Photo Editor

Advanced Placement (AP) exams, for some students, make May the most nerve-racking month of the year. AP exams start on the fourth of May and go through the fifteenth of May. These exams bring a large amount of stress and anxiety to the people in these classes. The exams are the time to show what you have learned all year and to prove that taking the AP class was worth it.

The AP exams are scored on a 1-5 system with five being the best score. A passing score is a three. The reason students take these classes is to get college credit. The credit you receive depends entirely on the college and the score you get. AP classes, and the score you get, show to colleges that you are capable of handling a college course load.

These exams are very stressful because passing the exams show that have learned the material and that you can possibly earn college credit. Many students think that if they do not pass the exam they wasted their time in an AP class. That is not true because colleges still see that you took the hardest classes available to you, and that you challenged yourself to the best of your ability.

To do well on the exams, you need to be relaxed. If you are too stressed out you may blank or not do your personal best. Over the course of the year you have learned the material and these exams are designed to show that you know it. You should think of it as just another test, and do the best you possibly can.

If you signed up for an AP class next year, you should be ready to learn at a faster pace than you may be used to. The way to do your best is to study all year long and maybe get a review book or two. These books help you with practice exams and tips on how to study and how to do well on the exams.