Looking Back on the Softball Season

Jocelyn Arraya, Layout Artist

As the popular and well-loved spring sports reach their end for the 2018 season, we look back at our Jags softball team. The girls softball varsity team has a record of 5-14 and were led this year by Ms. Muriel Kelley (varsity head coach), Ms. Megan Suhok (varsity assistant coach), and Mr. Rich Evans (varsity assistant coach). The JV coaches are Mr. Lee Smith (JV head coach) and Mr. Brett Smith (JV assistant coach).
As the Lady Jags look back on their season, they reminisce about the special moments that made this season special. “I think the most memorable game was our win over Lee. We didn’t have the best warm up that day, but once we started to play, it was high energy from the first inning,” said Yasmine Elmouhib (10). When asked about what she would miss about the team, Yasmine replied by saying, “I will miss the connection that we had with our team, although our team switched up a couple times towards the beginning of the season, we always had a really good connection.” Yasmine added, “The most thrilling moment of the season would be when we beat TJ because we lose to them by one point every year and we got the chance to mercy rule them.”
Being able to share great laughs as a team and knowing that everyone has faith in each other is what Melissa Komons (12) will miss about being on the team. “Supportive, energetic, hardworking, and dedicated,” said Melissa when describing the team. When asked about a memorable moment from the games Melissa replied saying, “I would say my sliding into the bases and being safe. Those are the kind of heart attacks I would give my coaches and teammates. Also having good slides that will give me bruises that I can remember.”
As the season went on, each player was invested in every game and cheered each other on as they worked their hardest. “I’ll miss the friends I’ve made and all the fun memories from games and practices,” said Audrey Maxwell (9). Through the season the girls learned to keep their heads up and play hard through any situation. “The coaches are fun and are always pushing us to play our best.” added Audrey. Congratulations to the Lady Jags for a great season and let’s hope for an even better one next year.

Yasmine Elmouhib (10) hits the ball into play.
(Photo by Lifetouch)