Pandemic PJs

Behind their Computers, Students and Staff are Dressing for Comfort

Pandemic PJs

Marcus Leary, Staff Writer

On a normal school day, every morning is a fashion show as students enter the building wearing their favorite clothes; graphic tees, Supreme sweatshirts, and stylish shoes fill the halls. But now that the halls have emptied, students are left with little reason to throw on their best outfits. 

In an online school environment, students aren’t seen by their peers and many don’t have a drive to put in the effort to look their best. “Last year I would have thrown on jeans and a sweater,” said Nicole Hogge (10). “I never wear jeans anymore. Now I wear sweatshirts and pajama pants.”

However, this is nothing new for student who were wearing virtual-school clothes before it was cool. “My outfits haven’t changed much at all,” said Silas Mitchell (9). “I wore pajamas and sweats to school regularly.”

But some students have kept their old wardrobe routines in an attempt to keep a scholarly mindset. “My school clothes haven’t drastically changed,” said James Riherd (10). “I wear acceptable clothing during in-person school and virtual school because it helps me stay focused on my work.”

Teachers, meanwhile, are expected to come to school looking well dressed, but can make some adjustments. “Before virtual teaching, I would wear work pants and a nice top at least 2-3 times a week,” said English teacher Alyce Warren. “Now, while I may still wear a nice top, I wear leggings every day of the week and sometimes, even slippers.” 

Gym teachers already dressed more casually than other teachers before the pandemic, but now can dress even more comfortably. “While we were in person, I always tried to have an FCHS polo or collared shirt to stay professional even though we were in a PE setting,” said Health & PE teacher Ryan Healy. “After virtual teaching began, not a lot changed. I still wear a collared shirt on camera to maintain a professional look, but I am able to teach in my slides because they are off-camera and I do not go anywhere.”

But when the world presents so many challenges, some are glad that at least choosing clothing has become easier.

“Hopefully when it is safe to go out, I’ll put in a little more effort,” said Vincent Tran (12). “But for right now I’m okay with a hoodie that matches my mask.”