How To Give Your Valentine A Gift They Will Love

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Yesenia Merida, Staff Writer

Have you been wondering about good gifts for your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, etc.? There are so many things you can choose from, depending on who you will be giving the gift to. Sometimes just knowing the person gives you clues on what you think would be the best gift for them. Gifts aren’t preferred from some people, and others love to receive gifts. The only thing you should remember is that it might be a holiday, but you should always show someone your love for them every day. Also, when picking a gift always remember the thought is what matters.

Girls are probably the easiest gender to get gifts for; we might “expect too much” but we do give a variety of options when you least expect it. Personally as a girl, I don’t expect so much when it comes to gifts. Some nice gifts are flowers, box of chocolates, or a stuffed animal. Instead of gifts you could also take her out to eat; you could try taking her to her favorite place, or mix it up and go some place new. If she is your friend, then a box of chocolates is the most appropriate for her not to feel awkward. Girls love surprises, and even if it’s the smallest surprise, she wouldn’t forget what she got for Valentines of 2015.

To find gifts for guys is less easy in my opinion. Something you always have to think about is what they are into, such as sports, games, etc. Some guys don’t expect so much, but don’t forget that the smallest things are what count. A box of chocolates can always be an option for guys. Buying him a new case for his phone, a wallet, a brand shirt that he likes, etc.  Finding something that you know he will wear or use is always the best choice. You wouldn’t want to buy something that he just leaves in his room.

When buying Valentine gifts or receiving gifts, remember it’s always the thought that matters. Even just personalizing your gift could mean so much to the gift receiver. Valentine’s day is a day to show love towards your loved ones.

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