Boys Lacrosse Hits the Ground Running in New Season

(Photo courtesy of Andrew Almont)

(Photo courtesy of Andrew Almont)

Danny May, Staff Writer

One of the most anticipated upcoming spring sports is lacrosse. After being 6-9 last year, the boys lacrosse team is back this spring and better than ever. Veteran FCHS lacrosse player Andrew Almont (12) gave us a detailed preview of what’s in store for the upcoming season.


How do you think the team performed last year?

I believe the team performed adequately and definitely above standards. We worked hard to fall short however, which we are trying to redeem this year.


How does the upcoming season look?

It is rough around the edges to start; we lost a lot of experience, but with committed teamwork we will be in ship shape in no time.


How do you think the Jags lax team will improve this year?

Our team will definitely improve overall, and putting in more consistent hard work and focus will pay off in the end, and that is the goal this year.


Do you have any advice for student athletes who are new to lacrosse this year?

Toss with your bros and wall ball on your free time. It helped me freshman year and is still helping me now to stay in tune with my skills.


What does it take to play lax for FCHS?

Like I have said before, to be good at lacrosse and to be on the team you have to have that drive to get better. There is always room for improvement no matter what skill level you are at, so it is that mental state of character that is most important; it is what helps you practice your hardest on the practice field and motivates you to give it your all until the fourth quarter ends in the game.


What is something you like about being on the team?

I like the bond that each team each year makes, because every year it is a little different.
Lacrosse is clearly a game very focused on teamwork. It requires the athletes to work hard every day at practice so that it pays off during games. This sport is also very technical and requires a lot of training and dedication to perfect one’s techniques, as many players start training months prior to trying out. Lacrosse is very much a team sport, and the bond between the players is what keeps the team united and playing hard. There is an exciting season ahead, be sure to come out to a game and cheer on the Jags!