What’s Ahead for the JV Girls Soccer Season?

Jocelyn Arraya, Layout Artist

As this year’s girls varsity and JV soccer teams are formed, we look back at last year’s teams. The record for the varsity girls last year was 5-10-1 and 3-4-3 for the JV girls. Last year’s varsity coaches were Mr. Jim Clark and assistant coach Ms. Jordan Hales. Last year’s JV coach was Mrs. Megan Walker. During last year’s varsity season, the girls made it to the third conference game, but sadly got knocked out by Thomas Jefferson High School.
I was able to ask a few questions to the JV coach, Mrs. Walker, and get insight to last year’s JV season.
How do you describe the spirit of the girls last year?
I think the spirit started high at the beginning of the season. We had our ups and down through the season, but the girls stayed united as a team.
Do you believe your style of coaching was effective on last year’s team?
Yes, I’m the JV coach so I like to make them feel that they will eventually go to varsity. I make sure they feel part of the program, and that they have fun. Which was the most memorable game from last season?
I think the most memorable game last season was against Stuart; the JV girls beat them for the past two seasons.
What is your preferred system in style of play?
We do a 4-4-2, four defenders, four midfield, and two forwards. They get used to their positions. Everyone has some playing time every game.
What is important for players to understand about you as a coach?
I like to be fun and laid back, at times I can be serious. They have to show commitment to the sport, and know that I have high expectations.
What are your hopes for this year’s new team?
I would like to have a winning record and I would want to continue to see the high spirit we’ve had in past teams. JV has shown that they’re more committed since they’re working hard to get to varsity.
Just like Coach Walker, we have high hopes for this year’s girls soccer teams and wish them good luck. Go Jags!

Abby Gagermeier (11) throws the ball back into play.
(Photo by Lifetouch)