Running, Throwing, Jumping: Catching Up With the Track Team

Brendan Davis, Staff Writer

Spring sports are now underway, and this of course, includes track. Track and field athletes compete in 17 different events so depending on what events you are competing in will determine what your practices look like. For example, distance runners run a lot of miles but sprinters don’t run as much but they run much faster, so the practices are tailored to the events.
Coach Krause is one of several coaches that help lead the team. He says, “Coaching athletes is the best part of my day. I enjoy watching students dedicate themselves to something and seeing the reward of their hard work and perseverance.”
Coach Gillis agrees. “I’m out here to make our athletes better, both on the field and off it. It’s a great part of the job to see your athletes grow and achieve successes both on and off the field.”
“Coaching high school athletes is great. Apart from helping to instill the love of track and field onto this generation it’s also great being able to provide something people, for the most part, look forward to each and every day,” says Coach Davis.
Success on the field starts with hard work in practice. As Coach Day says, “I believe in Practice, Practice, and Practice as the techniques for both shotput and discus require a high degree of coordination…with strength a close second.”
Pole vault is a very technical event and there are a lot of techniques that need to be drilled in order for you to be successful. “A typical pole vault practice session would include a warm up, some work on the day’s specific drills

and then some work on full vaulting,” says Coach Gillis, who specializes in this event.
But what do the athletes themselves think of the sport and its many practice sessions?
“Track is fun and a great way to meet new people,” says Basil Mustafa (9). “I normally practice for long distance events.” He appreciates the coaches’ efforts: “I do like the coaches. They’re pretty nice and passionate about track.”
Ella Newman (10) sees ups and downs as a track athlete. “Track has an interesting an interesting vibe to it. Some days you may be feeling great and ready to go to practice! But other days, you feel dead and the last thing you want to do is to go to practice. Overall track is really great because all my friends are there and I stay in shape.”
Noah Gardner (10) sums up the feeling of being a track athlete quite nicely. “Track is really great. The people there are nice and it’s fun. It’s always great to get out there on a nice day and run like the wind.”

Christine Rubeiz (12) clears a hurdle in a 110 meter race at a April 7 track meet at W.T. Woodson High.
(Photo by Lifetouch)