Falls Church Wrestling Comes Out Swinging

FC Wrestling Has a Bright Future


Ryan Haynes, Managing Editor

The wrestling team here at Falls Church is not attracting crowds as large as the football team, but they are however equally as dominant.  Coach Payne and Coach Ho have led their team to a 9-1 record so far including some victories in the Norfolk Classic, Rumble in the Jungle and the National District Tournament.

When the regular season comes to an end the team will square off in Districts with all of the other teams from the conference. Districts is a bracket style format where the top three wrestlers, and one alternate, from each team move on to Regionals. This year’s players hope to repeat what alumnus Taylor Thomas did last year by reaching the Finals at States.

Even though the team lost a powerful wrestler like Taylor Thomas last year, this year’s squad has a couple of great seniors like Yery Vargas (12). The team also has some very good underclassmen like freshmen Joe Mack (9) and Jacob-Brottman Krass (9). Joe said, “I’ve never had a better coaching staff then I do in the wrestling room. Not only do they prepare me for my matches, but they also prepare me for life. Having good character on the mat and off the mat is one of the biggest things that they stress.”

The managers, Jen Howell (12), Nicole Hinojosa (11), Naomi Anthony (11), and Victoria Nguyen (11).  Junior wrestler Vincent Nuzzo said, “Wrestling in my opinion is the best sport. It teaches you dedication and hard work. This is my first year of wrestling and I’ve loved every second of it, from the running to the wins. Even though it’s just you on the mat you know you have your teammates backing you up and making you better.”