Car of the Month: Nicole Drucker


(Photo courtesy of Nicole Drucker)

Madeline Ivey, Staff Writer

Nicole Drucker is a senior here at FCHS and the proud owner of this month’s featured car, which is a blue Honda Accent 2012.  She has had her car for two years.  She bought it in the fall of 2013, back when she was a sophomore. She bought it because she doesn’t like to drive big cars, and because it was on sale. She calls it the blue bird, a nickname that expresses both the car’s appearance—small, compact, and yes, blue—and a peculiar sound that the engine makes. The high pitched horn also adds to the bird like effect.  Nicole personalized her car with a cat magnet on the bumper and a dancing flower, which is sitting on the dash. The cat magnet was chosen out of Nicole profound love for cats, especially her own. Unfortunately, the magnet fell off and has yet to be found.

One fond memory that she has of her car happened during her swim meet at the Woodley summer pool.  When the rain prevented the team from swimming, she and her friends put the seats down and laid in the trunk of the car.  Another time, she and her friend Amanda were sitting in the car, and Amanda opened a bottle of Coke that proceeded to explode all over her lap.  Nicole, with her priorities clearly in check, yelled, “WATCH THE CAR!”  Unfortunately, driving isn’t always a joyride, with a prime example being when a stone hit her windshield last summer, creating a sizable crack. The crack forced her to replace the windshield.

Nicole will not be able to use her car that often in college, due to the high parking prices, but we will wish her many more interesting times in her little blue bird once she graduates.