Where Are Academy Seniors Going?

Where Are Academy Seniors Going?

Sadya Ouedraogo, Feature Editor

There are many seniors in the graduating class of 2015 and some of these seniors took time out of their schedule to take academy classes. These students gave up two blocks in their schedule to take a career and technical ed class that they were interested in or hope to pursue later in life. Below you can see the list of seniors and the schools that they hope to attend.

Criminal Justice

  • Jonathan Malashevich – George Mason University
  • Shayee Mirza – Old Dominion University
  • Kevin Moore – Christopher Newport University
  • Nate Thatcher – James Madison University

Dental Careers

  • Natalie Samaha – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Christian Park – George Mason University
  • Gia Ha – George Mason University

Early Childhood Careers

  • Sheila Roca – Northern Virginia Community College

Exploring Health Sciences

  • Eynnar Claros Chacon – Randolph-Macon College
  • Kimberlyn Pena – George Mason, Radford University or Mary Washington University
  • Eric Sevart – George Mason University
  • Linda Malonado – Brigham Young University
  • Kate Maines – Stony Brook University – interested in studying Engineering
  • Anthony Calderon – Liberty University – Biomedical Science – 1 year Soccer Scholarship
  • Gelila Teshome – University of Mary Washington

Fire and EMS

  • Sadya Ouedraogo – University of Rochester
  • William Smith – Northern Virginia Community College – Paramedic (EMT-P)

Medical Assistant

  • Yashila De Silva – George Mason University
  • Heidi Chicas – Radford University – Nursing
  • Amy Rock – University of the District of Columbia – Nursing – Lacrosse scholarship
  • Azaher Elamin – Old Dominion University (2 year scholarship) – interested in becoming an ER Physician. Also serving in the National Guard – Army
  • Lucy Nguyen – Northern Virginia Community College

Pharmacy Tech

  • Sadya Ouedraogo – University of Rochester
  • Yosef Ahmed – George Mason University