Revamped Gym Floor Looks Great and Ready for Athletics

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Numaan Qureshi, Staff Writer

A brand new school year is underway and one of the most exciting developments for everyone involved in sports or physical activities is the fact that we have a new gym floor. From clean and better floors, as well as the jaguar logo right in the middle, we certainly look ready for great year for sports. Falls Church High School looks intimidating as ever and looks forward to a great year for all the athletes. Not only do students who participate in sports get to experience the revamped gym floor, so do the students who take physical education. The new floor is not only for the students—teachers and coaches should be feeling great too.

Students were eager to weigh in on this new improvement. Mohammed Faisal (9) says, “It looks really good, seeing the before after pictures shows they put a lot of work in for us to have a better gym.” Kevin Garlepp’s (11) thoughts on the new gym are as follows: “I wish they did this sooner. My first two years of gym would have been a better experience for me with the new floor.”

We were ready for a change and an improvement and this really blew everyone away. When you try something new or do something for the first time there really is no better feeling; playing games or some type of activity on the new gym floor will be great.  If you are interested in playing an indoor sport, don’t even think twice about it—just do it, because it’s a must to see and experience the new gym.

Nick Pae (11) says, “As someone who plays basketball, this is great news for us. I always wanted a new gym floor while playing last year, and they made it happen.” If you’re an athlete, a new floor can even improve your game, it can help with your movement on the court, lessen strains, and fatigue injuries.

Looking at these before and after pictures really makes you realize how much work was put in, and what a great job they did in installing the floor. It doesn’t get any better than that. Falls Church is always showing and delivering why it supports and respects all the students and staff at this school.