November 13, 2015: The Day the World Mourned

Nicole Haynes, News & Online Editor

November 13, 2015 was a horrible day for the world. In the span of 24 hours over hundreds of people were killed because of senseless acts. On Twitter, there were many hashtags trending about the tragedies that happened on that day. The one on top of that list, and that has gotten the most media coverage, has been the coordinated attacks on Paris.

Around 9:45pm local time, six attacks throughout Paris erupted. The sites included: a concert venue (Le Bataclan), restaurants (Le Petit Cambodge, Le Carillon, La Casa Nostra, Cafe Bonne Biere, Comptoir Voltaire, and La Belle Equipe), and a soccer stadium (Stade de France). At least 129 people died and over 350 wounded, most of them seriously. ISIS has taken credit for this attack and French President, François Hollande, has ordered attacks on ISIS camps in Syria.

The attacks on Paris were not the only tragedies that happened on Friday. In Japan, there was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that caused a small tsunami. In Mexico, there was a 4.3 magnitude earthquake. In Baghdad, suicide bombers killed at least 26 people and wounded more than 50. All attacks were targeted at Shiites, including at a Shiite militia fighter’s funeral. In Lebanon, two suicide bombers killed at least 41 people in their capital, Beirut.

The fact that I found very few articles on the earthquakes in Japan and Mexico and the suicide bombers in Baghdad and Beirut goes to show the unfair media coverage. It is no secret that the media controls too much of how we see the world. There is 24/7 reporting coming from Paris while there was only a few articles on the attacks in Baghdad and Beirut. Back in April, ISIS also attacked Garissa University College in Kenya killing 147 people. This made the front page, but there was no live reporting from Kenya or memorial services held throughout the world. Compared to what else happened on November 13, 2015, you can see why Paris is the focus, because of the higher amount of casualties, but this does not call for Paris to have 99.99% of media coverage. If you go to any major news network’s website, all the stories are pertaining to Paris.

Until the media starts representing what is really going on in the world and showing that every death is as important as the next, no matter who, the general public will continue to be blindly led and uneducated toward worldly affairs.

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