Falls Church High School Annual Winter Concert Entertains


The Guitar Ensemable, led by Mr. Walker, performs at Winter Concert. (Photo by Jasmyne Singleton)

Jasmyne Singleton, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, December 9 the Falls Church Orchestra, Guitar, and Choral Departments performed at the Winter Concert. This showing was the second of the year, the first being the Fall Concert, giving them some time to work on and perfect their pieces. It was a great performance as a whole, it showed a lot of Christmas spirit and how well everyone had prepared for this.

The night started off with the Concert Orchestra, followed by the Symphonic Orchestra, and the Chamber Orchestra led by Mr. Andrew Lisowski. Mr. Lisowski showed the audience just how well they had been practicing hard on their pieces. The first piece that they played was “Wizards in Winter,” played together as a whole Orchestra Department. After that, they all went their separate ways, leaving Concert Orchestra with the center stage for two pieces. After Concert Orchestra had performed, Symphonic Orchestra stepped on stage and delivered two pieces, followed by Chamber Orchestra with one song.

Five melodic pieces later and the audience was applauding the Guitar Ensemble, led by Mr. Jacob Walker. After the Guitar Ensemble performed their five pieces, the Guitar Sextet performed one piece together. One of the few pieces that they performed was a guitar version of “Carol of the Bells.” The sextet consisted of Chris Foxwell, Kyle Mallari (11), Steven Pak (11), Omar Velasquez (11), Rachel Williams (12), and Calvin Zubaly (10). Zubaly and Pak had also performed a duet together, performing the classic “Bourree.”  Another outstanding fact about this group is that Calvin is one of the few Tri-State Members.

Finally, the night slowly came to an end with the accompanist Sean Cator playing the piano with the Concert Choir, led by Mr. Anthony Khong, singing a Spanish lullaby “A La Nanita” and danced to “Cold and Fugue Season.” Bella Voce soon followed, and after that, the Chamber Singers. Bella Voce sung “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” and the soloists were Danielle Phan (10) and Abbie Petros (9). Featured in the song was Caroline Plummer, who choreographed, Molly Vu, who played the bass, and Sammy Le (12), who played drums. Next, the whole Choral Department sung “Praise His Holy Name,” and “Hallelujah” from The Messiah. When the whole Choral Concert sang their last song, they had invited some people, including the Chamber Orchestra, to get up and perform with them, including one familiar face, last year’s Choral Director Ms. Anna Robinson. “I remember how much fun I had teaching everyone all those years before, so it makes me really proud to see how far everyone has advanced” said Ms. Robinson.