Humans of Falls Church High School


Katie Ngo (10) (Photos courtesy Phoebe Cho)

Phoebe Cho, Contributing Writer

Stephanie Murphy (9)

How are your feelings about not being able to play football last season? And, are you excited to be able to next year?

“I feel like it’s okay because I was spoken to after the deadline but I’m really excited to join the camp next summer. And, yes, I’m hoping to be able to, and if so, I definitely will be pumped for the team.”

Soren Eckel (9)

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

“I rode in a boat over hundreds of sharks. They kept bumping the boat and the scary part about it was seeing them clearly through the transparent glass.”

Patrick Hills (12)

How does it feel winning the coach’s award and will you miss managing?

“It felt good and it was so exciting. And, yes I will miss managing.”

What will you miss about it?

“Getting the team water and giving them encouragement.”

Katie Ngo (10)

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?

“One time when I was 9, I was standing behind my older brother and then he farted on my stomach and my tooth fell out.”