President Obama’s Final State of The Union

Sean Clary, Staff Writer

On Tuesday night, President Obama gave his final State of The Union address to the citizens of the United States.  President Obama focused on multiple different issues and topics that he voiced his opinion of the future of our nation without him in the white house.   President Obama left his final speech with a sign of hope for the United States and he hopes for his last year in office to be successful enough to protect his legacy.  Seven years ago, President Obama took office during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and he focused on the results and accomplishments that he has reached during his Presidency. From rescuing the auto industry to creating unprecedented job growth, the President continues to work on building an economic foundation that works for the middle class and those fighting to join it.

After a century of countless failed efforts, Barack Obama was the President who finally made universal, affordable health care a reality for all. Five years in, the Affordable Care Act has already expanded coverage to millions of Americans, improved coverage for virtually everyone with health insurance, and changed the way hospitals, doctors, and other providers operate so they can deliver better care at a lower cost.  Health Care has been the President’s most stressed issue and he will continue to progress the system that is currently in place.

The President addressed our social progress as a nation with topics that display a variety of opinions.  From securing basic rights and protections for LGBT( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Americans, to making our immigration system fairer and safer, to helping protect our homes and neighborhoods from gun violence, President Obama has worked to make sure that everyone has a shot at the American Dream.  President Obama gave hints towards Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who could be replacing him in the white house that they would continue to allow our country to progress and better our society through government actions.

2015 was a really busy year in Foreign Policy and there is no doubt that 2016 will be any different.  From ending two wars to forging the deal to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, from re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba to striking a landmark trade agreement that levels the playing field for American workers and businesses, the President has worked to redefine American leadership for the 21st century.  Last night, President Obama stressed that in his final year of office, he will work hard to leave the country in a good state.