Humans of Falls Church #2


(All photos taken by Phoebe Cho)

Phoebe Cho, Staff Writer

Mr. Jacob Ivey 
“ So, in 2009, when I lived in Columbus, Georgia, in my parent’s house, I went to Auburn, which is 45 minutes away. We went over there with a group of friends; I was visiting a friend that currently went to Auburn and we went by an intramural- like outdoor basketball court and they were playing pickup basketball. So, we drive up, we go, we stop and we ask if we can play the next game. They say, “Yeah sure, that’s fine.” So, we’re playing and all of a sudden, these two gentlemen- these two guys come up and start playing. One of the guys, one of them was kind of tall- like 6’8’’/6’7’’, later on, the very next year, this individual’s name was Cam Newton. He is currently the leading MVP vote-getter in the NFL. So, I played pickup basketball against Cam Newton before he became famous.”


Coach Sara Boucher
sara“So in ‘04, when I was a sophomore, I was in the Falls Church Leadership class, and it was the first year that we did the homecoming parade. And, so, I was the chair of running the first ever homecoming parade, and from that point on, the homecoming parades are continuing annually.”





wandaWanda Williams

“How long have you been part of the staff of Falls Church High School?”

“I’ve been here for 24 years.”

“What’s something that has changed from when you were here 24 years ago to this present day at FC?”

“I think the kids have more school spirit, a better attitude about school, and they take more pride in the school now. For example, the students have been more excited about the football teams- you know, they never won a lot of games, now, they’ve gone on to the playoffs- I believe twice- and that just never happened in the past. I just think we’ve improved sports wise and the kids are just liking school better- it’s just this generation.”


Day Leary
leary“Before I’d met my husband, I had a dream of what he looked like. So, I was living in San Antonio and I was getting ready to come up to Washington for a Women’s Leadership Conference. And, I was actually dating someone else in San Antonio, and I had this dream about this guy that had dark hair and blue eyes. The guy I was dating had dark hair and dark eyes so it wasn’t him. So this guy with dark hair and blue eyes, I married him in the dream. And, I woke up feeling really guilty because I was dating someone else. And so, anyway, flash forward a couple of weeks, and I come up to D.C. I’m standing in this building and in walks this guy with dark hair and blue eyes and I was like ‘oh my gosh that’s him, that’s the guy from my dream!’And now… I’m married to him.”