Steroids in professional sports

Numaan Qureshi, Staff Writer


Many athletes have taken steroids over the years to make them better at their sport, which gives them a big competitive advantage.  It increases their muscle mass, strength, and stores protein. It’s banned in all the major sports because of the competitive advantage and for your own health with steroids having deadly side effects effecting the heart and liver. Most popular in the sport of baseball; when u get tested positive the first time, it’s a 50 games suspension without pay, 100 game suspension without pay the second time, and a lifetime ban for the third time. The lifetime ban is pretty harsh, but the 50 game suspension makes you think it’s not all that bad and you’re willing to take the risk of taking it. The NFL gives players a lot of room to take it as well, with the first positive test for steroid use with a 4 game suspension, and 8 game suspension the second, and a 12 month ban the third time. Similar to baseball, the first time testing positive is really not all that bad. This gives players the mindset on thinking steroids are either not all that bad or would not be all that bothered taking it maybe and the possibility of gettitng caught.


            Steroids will forever be in sports, instead of having some players having an unfair advantage, why not just let be legal? No one can have an unfair advantage and would really maximize all talents. We will see all the players at their best and probably witness the greatest overall athletes we have ever seen. The greater the athlete equals better entertainment value which would bring in better ratings and views. Letting athletes be at their best would increase their brand, the teams’ brand, and most importantly, the league. At the end, this would never happen and players will continue to take anabolic steroids and get caught or some will even get away with it and have that unfair advantage over most players.