Argentina’s National Soccer Team Need for Change

Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

The 2018 World Cup that will be held in Russia is not so far away as some may think, especially when there are eliminator y games going on all around the world in every continent. The elimination games are nothing to mess around with, only the top countries that have avoided being eliminated can compete in the World Cup.

Perhaps one of the most watched qualifiers are the ones in South America, and one big team that people have been disappointed by is the Argentina national team. Argentina has not been able to keep up their points in the qualifiers, being 5th on the table behind Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Colombia. Most Argentines are blaming the technical coach, Bauza, for not inputting any new changes to the national team. This is an issue that comes up constantly because the current national starters have not been able to win anything, being runner ups to the world cup in 2014, and runner ups in both Copa Americas ( 2015 and 2016)

Argentina has an abundance of great and talented players, who play in the Argentine soccer league (Primera Division). That’s why I believe that the coach, Bauza, should find new players inside of Argentina, not outside. Why? Because most of the starters playing on the team now don’t seem to be able to give the results that are greatly needed. And having most of the starters being bench in their club teams, means that they aren’t performing even in their club teams. A good example of this is of Gonzalo Higuain (#9 center striker), who has missed plenty of crucial, clear goals, in many finals. Bauza can easily switch him out for Icardi (Center striker in Inter, Italy), who has been giving outstanding performances. Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero (Striker) is also another name that has been questioned in the starting line up, having missed a crucial penalty in recent games for both his club team Manchester City, and in recent international qualifier Argentina vs Paraguay. A good replacement for him would be Paulo Dybala (Striker) who is currently in the bench as a substitute.

In my opinion, Bauza has to make tough decisions in switching the starting line up for trophy hungry players. Doing this would greatly influence current players that their positions as starters could be removed, thus inspiring them to work harder during games. This would also show that Argentina has other capable players that will do the job better. Either way he has to make a choice before big qualifier game Argentina vs Brazil. If Argentina loses then they risk not being able to play in the upcoming World Cup in Russia, 2018. What do you think Argentina should do in order to improve their game results? Comment below.