Dak and Zeke: Partners in Crime

John Cascella, Staff Writer

The Dallas Cowboys’ organization did very well in the 2016 NFL rookie draft by picking Ezekiel Elliot with the 4th overall pick in the draft, including Dak Prescott with the 37th pick in the 4th round. These two picks have really worked out, leading the Cowboys to a 5-1 record, putting them in 1st place of the NFC East. The Cowboys have a bye week: Week 8 of the season, followed by Week 9 where they will be playing the Philadelphia Eagles who are led by rookie Carson Wentz and Jordan Matthews.

Former 4th overall pick of the 1st round of the 2016 Draft, Ezekiel Elliot has been tearing it up in the NFL. So far, he’s averaged 5.1 yards per run in 137 attempts and 5 touchdowns. In Week 3 of the NFL season, “Zeke” went off rushing for 140 yards against, at the time, the 0-2 Chicago Bears. Numerous scouts have even compared Elliot to one of the greatest running backs in the NFL, Jamaal Charles. Scouts have also said that he is the best, most complete running back prospect since Adrian Peterson.  Some people even believe that “Zeke” may be able to rush for 2000 yards and is a possible choice for Rookie of the Year and possibly MVP.

Who would’ve thought that people would be suspecting that Tony Romo may be the 2nd string Quarterback, backing up the 135th pick in the 2016 NFL draft, Dak Prescott? Dak was suspected to be drafted as a potential long term option for the Quarterback position for the Cowboys, but is now the starter.  He has so far had an amazing year, passing 1,486 yards and 7 touchdowns. Dak has an 84.1 QBR rating and has also completed 125 passes. Additionally, he has rushed for 67 yards and 3 touchdowns. Dak has even thrown 163 pass attempts without throwing an interception, breaking Tom Brady’s record. This all-star player caliber has even compared to former New England Patriots powerhouse quarterback Drew Bledsoe. The Dallas Cowboys will have a very tough choice on deciding to start either Tony Romo or Dak Prescott. Tony Romo is injured right now with a broken backbone, courtesy of the Seahawk’