Teachers: Do They Get the Appreciation They Deserve?

Jacob Brotman-Krass, Layout Artist

At Falls Church High School, we have some of the best teachers around. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to receive the appreciation they should. We have all had our share of bad teachers, and while it’s no fun, these teachers in no way define the rest of our amazing staff. We all know teachers don’t get paid enough. The benefits are good, but many teachers still have to work another job during the summer. Some teachers, like many of our PE teachers, instruct behind the wheel courses. Others find another way to live comfortably in Northern Virginia, a very expensive are to live in. No matter what, teachers should be able to earn more than enough doing arguably the most important job. They are the ones who build the next generations; they are the hands that help mold the future of our country. Not only do they have to teach seven or eight hours a day, many teachers stay after to help their students. Also, us students tend to overlook the fact that teachers grade all of our papers from however many classes they have. Many teachers work upwards of 50 hours a week simply trying to make our lives a little easier. As infuriating as all the work teachers give us may be, just imagine having to grade the same thing over and over again. It seems strange that lawyers, who lie for a living, earn much more money than the people who train the next generation of workers in our country. It truly reflects how America feels about education. Of civilized countries, our teachers are some of the lowest paid. In Luxembourg, teachers can make over $100,000. If we valued education in this country nearly as much as some other countries do, we might not have the issues we do now. The good thing is that we can always change the way we do things. Our generation should see how hard our teachers work and see the value they have in our lives. It’s about time teachers received the appreciation they deserve.