Bachelor of the Month: Mark Slacin

By Matt Gutermuth, Staff Writer

There are many new, bright faces this year at Falls Church                                                                                   High School, yet none shine as brightly as transfer Mark Slacin                                                                           (11). This handsome junior transferred this year from St. Stephen’s                                                                     St. Agnes. He has many desirable qualities that any reasonable hu-                                                                     man would appreciate. These range from his above average height,                                                                   fabulous stylish hair and a very respectable wardrobe.

Many of Mark’s friends and acquaintances can’t help but realize                                                                     how wonderful he is. Mark’s good pal, Joe Mack (11), even says,                                                                           “He is the wisest man I know!” This is just the tip of the iceberg of                                                               wonderful reviews. He is somehow able to maintain very strong                                                               grades, even while participating in many activities. Mark also has                                                                       time to play soccer at a high level. He plays on Premier AC soccer                                                                     team, and plans to try out for the Falls Church team. To put the                                                                           icing on the cake, Mark also works a stressful job as a Five Below                                                                   cashier. Even with all these things to do, Mark would have no prob-                                                                 lem making time for a lady.

Mark has a very bright future ahead of him as well. With his                                                                         great grades and extracurriculars, Mark is looking at prestigious                                                                 universities such as the College of William & Mary, George Mason                                                                     University and the University of Virginia. Don’t fear, Mark might                                                                 seem too intelligent, or not exciting. He in fact has a soft side that                                                                     many do not know about. He likes to take long walks on the beach,                                                                   or any other body of water.

Mark also enjoys cats, as well as dogs! Unlike a lot of people,                                                                             Mark has a place in in his heart for both beloved pets. The animal                                                                   loving doesn’t stop there! In an exclusive interview with Mark, he                                                                         revealed that he in fact “loves birds.” He is a perfect man for any                                                                           animal lovers out there.

Another interesting fact about this bachelor is his favorite                                                                             temperature is 76 degrees, and for this reason his favorite season                                                                       is the fall. Well ladies, now is the time to swoop in and lock down                                                                       Mark. His favorite season is approaching, and it would be no sur-                                                                       prise if someone scoops him up by the end of the calendar year!