Clear the Road: Class of 2018 Coming Through!

By Matt Gutermuth, Layout Artist

                                                          Getting your driver’s license is a major step in growing
up and becoming an adult. A goal for most teenagers is
learning to drive, getting their permit and finally earning their
license. At the age of 15 and a half, you are able to go to your
local DMV and take a test to get your learners permit. After 9
months and 45 hours of driving, you can then take a Behind
the Wheel class. You are then rewarded with your driver’s license.
Jojo Di Scipio (11) is currently enrolled in Behind the
Wheel. She has driven her 45 hours and is well prepared to
pass her driving test. Jojo says, “I feel prepared for my Behind
the Wheel test. I hope that I pass so I can start driving. Finding
rides is always a hassle!” Behind the Wheel classes can be taken
with Fairfax County Public Schools or a private company.
Many students are very eager to get their license and
hit the road. Take it from Luke McLean (11), who says, “I am
very excited to get my license.” The excitement doesn’t end
there. Students are also exhilarated to get a car they can call
their own, whether it is a new or a used one. However, in many
cases, teens are given a family car to drive. Jacob Brotman-
Krass (11) was extremely grateful to recently have the privilege
to drive his family car, a beautiful 2011 Toyota Prius.
Teen drivers are often so overjoyed with getting their
license, they forget about the serious consequences that come
with driving. Young drivers are often much more at risk of getting
into an accident than more seasoned drivers. With this in
mind, teens should be expected to drive with exceptional focus,
in an effort to keep our roads as safe as possible. Irresponsible
driving often leads to more accidents. This is why it is essential
for teens to be as educated as possible on driving. As a part
of the Fairfax County Public Schools curriculum, sophomores
are required to spend one quarter of of their physical education
class taking Drivers Education. In any case, new drivers should
be safe on the roads, but also excited.