How To Survive A Trip to the DMV

By Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

                                                            Getting your driver’s license is without
a doubt one of the biggest accomplishments
in anyone’s life. Sadly to get a driver’s
license one must wait on the never-ending
lines at the DMV, and wait countless hours
just to turn in some forms. It is without a
doubt the most boring experience anyone
will ever endure. So your friends at The
Jagwire have your back, and we have some
great tips and secrets you can use to make
your next visit to the DMV a little more fun.
Let’s begin with when you should
go to the DMV to make your wait shorter.
Traditionally most people go to the DMV
at the start and end of the month to renew
their car registrations. So the best times to
visit the DMV would be somewhere in the
middle of the month. The weekdays can also
be very full, so try going in the middle of the
week like Wednesday and Thursday, which
are the days with the least amount of people
statistically. And most importantly, try to
avoid going the day after a holiday; it tends
to fill up quicker because the DMV has not
given any service for a whole day.
Now that we talked about when to
go, what do you do at the DMV once you
get there? Well you’re going to be there for
a long time, so take advantage of that time
and get some productive work done. For example
you could get that chapter reading of
that book you are studying in English out of
the way, or you can do homework for other
classes while you wait. But that’s not all you                                                                                                                                 can do, you can play a game on your phone or
even watch a movie on Netflix until you wait
for your number to be called. If you’re the type
of person that can’t sit still, you can easily get
up and start to wonder off and sight-see a little.
Explore the DMV, or even get up and help
someone study for the written portion test of the                                                                                                               learner’s permit. You can also try and bring a friend
or a sibling to come with you and keep each other
company while you wait.
Hopefully these suggestions helped you
make a much better and interesting visit to the
DMV, and make sure to try them out next time you