Club of the Month: Latin Club

By Adam Ashley, Photo Editor

This month, we’re diving into Latin Club for Club of the Month. Sponsored by Ms. Emily Lewis, the FCHS Latin language teacher, the Falls Church Latin Club has 40 members—some of whom who do not take Latin as a language. Latin Club meets in Ms. Lewis’s room, 163, once a month on a Wednesday, and there is always food, friends, and fun!
Latin Club’s main goal is to spread the idea of classical culture and love of Latin language throughout the school. Latin Club also works to uphold classical traditions, as well as expectations set by the Virginia and National Junior Classical League. For example, many students in Latin Club are on our school’s Certamen team, which is a competitive team game that consists of Latin and Roman-themed questions. Students also observe Saturnalia, an ancient Roman festival to honor the deity Saturn which is full of celebrations. Latin Club students also participate in Virginia Junior Classical League Convention, a two-day, yearly convention held in Richmond that brings students from sixth to twelfth grade together to celebrate their love of Latin and classical culture. Students participate in graphic art competitions, academic decathlons, talent shows—and lucky for Falls Church, Ms. Lewis is the VJCL academic cochair. There is also National Junior Classical League Convention, which is a much bigger, longer convention that is being held at Troy University in Troy, Alabama over summer break in 2017. Falls Church has 15 students attend the VJCL Convention, and normally has only one or two attend the National Convention. There are four officers of Latin Club: The Praetor, Bri Avendano (12), who is mainly in charge of club membership, the Quaestor, Dylan McElroy (11), who works to organize fundraising activities, and the two Consuls, Erin Poplin (11) and Graham Skrtic (11), who essentially split the role of “president.” Each officer plays a different, important role, from making posters, to running spirit, to essentially handling the formalities of Latin Club meetings. Graham Skrtic is also the head of our school’s Certamen team. If you are looking to join Latin Club, find Ms. Lewis in room 163, or talk to any of the officers. FCHS Latin Club is also on social media: @fchslatinclub on Instagram and Twitter, so if you are looking for updates, follow the club there.