Pet of the Month: Susanna Watson’s German Shepherd

By Alexus Reed, Online Editor


Zeus is an 8 year old purebred German shepherd. He loves long naps on the couch and being force cuddled by his loving owner Susanna Watson (11). A day in the life of Zeus would include chasing squirrels, barking at bikes, and getting walked with other neighborhood dogs. He is a very well behaved and loved dog. He is very popular in his neighborhood and gets visits from the UPS guys who give him treats. He kind of has a brother named Jax and he loves to bug Zeus and push his buttons. Zeus is a very calm dog who listens very well and aims to please. You will see him on all of Susanna’s social media accounts. Zeus loves bacon strips, I guess you could say he’s definitely “beggin’ for bacon strips;” that’s one of his best hobbies, says Susanna. Most of the time he is usually hanging out under the table begging for people to give him food during dinner. When someone calls his name he gets really excited and forgets he’s actually under the table and he will get up and hit his head. He’s not the brightest, but they all love him anyway. Zeus will be 9 years old this May. He is a great family dog and will always be a part of their family. Zeus wears a Redskins collar because that is his all-time favorite team, so I guess you could say he wears it all the time. Zeus loves to play tag but he enjoys it more if there are other people to play with. If you chase him he runs away and if you run from him he will chase you because that is just what he loves to do.  “Zeus is a part of the family, we got him when I was in third grade and the house wouldn’t be the same without Zeus.  Oh, and he’s definitely a model,” says Susanna.