Champion League Rolls off to the Quarter Finals

Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

The sport attention is being given to Basketball in its March Madness championship. But there is one bracket that shouldn’t be left out, the UEFA Champions League. Its has come down to the quarter finals. We will see the likes of big clubs returning to center stage to claim and protect their titles of the top champions of Europe. Clubs like: Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Barcelona, Monaco, Dortmund, and Leicester City.

There is lot to talk about who will be playing who, but perhaps the best is to go in order. The first quarter final games will be between the French team Monaco, and the German team Dortmund. The other game being between the Spain team Barcelona, and Italian team Juventus. All four teams are doing great in their own nation’s leagues, but perhaps Monaco stands out the most. Having the most points in the Ligue 1 (French League), Monaco out shines the two French giants: Paris Saint-Germain, and Lyon. The true story perhaps lies on how great Radamel Falcao (Monaco Player) is playing in Monaco. Having busting the myth of being past one’s prime, Falcao is returning to his top level of play he had in his more younger years, remembering every one of his nickname “El Tigre” or “ The Tigre”. Having earned his Nick name for being an active and fierce striker up top, Falcao yet again proved his team Monaco can be one of the greats of Europe. The team Monaco gave a very even and gruesome battle against Manchester City to see who would advance to the quarter finals. Monaco prevailed to beat Manchester City, but the most Impressive performance would be of Barcelona’s.

The Team had given Paris Saint-Germain a brutal turnaround of a game in their second leg encounter. Paris Saint-Germain had a massive lead over Barcelona, but the titans Barcelona managed to flip that 4-0 lead into a 6-5 win against Paris.

That impressive team play may cause concern at Juventus. The Italian team have been playing great in and out the Champions league. They been top in the Seria A (Italian League), having the striking force of Gonzalo “Pipita” Higuain, Mario Manzdukic, and Paulo “La Joya” Dybala (Juventus Players). The three strikers have been playing what can be described in one word: Consistent. They have been constantly putting up numbers that make Juventus progress, and excel at times, as a team. Barcelona may have won a record breaking game against Paris, but they know that Juventus will present a new challenge and threat to the Spain Giants.

The two games will be a great game to see who will be going to the semi-finals of the Champions league. Remember save the date April 11, 2017. Who do you think will win, and who do you think has a better team to win the Cup? Comment down below.