Is Homework Really Necessary For Student Success?

Omar Tamimi, Sports Editor

This question has been asked by experts and the average high for years and no one is really sure what the answer is. Many argue that it helps students understand what they are doing in class better while many say it is a waste of time and builds onto the stress that high school students in the United States already face. You might say that high school students have nothing to be stressed out about, but that is clearly false because the pressure they face from teachers, parents, sports, and college is overwhelming for 14-18 year-olds with a still developing brain.


How much homework a student gets should depend on the way that they learn because some students can take in all the information learned in class without any extra repetition while some students needs hours of practice and solving problems to grasp a concept and be tested on it. Many people are obviously still very old fashioned and were raised on the concept that “practice makes perfect.” Sometimes that preconception doesn’t actually correlate to students today because everyone learns differently. Experts also argue that homework lets students work without class guidance and learn things on their own but sometimes that doesn’t work if they do not know the concept in the first place.
High school students facing stress is also a prominent argument relating to homework because it is one of the leading factors of students being stressed. Especially when students reach the later years of high school, pressure from colleges starts to overwhelm them. Research has also proven that homework doesn’t improve tests scores and overall doesn’t improve the performance of high school students.