Major League Baseball Season Already Off Full Of Excitement

Noah Sedmak, Staff Writer


Major League Baseball has gotten off to a fast start. The Nationals and Yankees have ran out of the gate sprinting, while other teams like the world champion Chicago Cubs have gotten off to a fast start. The cubs are only one game over .500, after being swept by the New York Yankees. The Washington Nationals are in first place in the NL East and have the best record in the National League, with a record of 21-10.

There has also been some bad blood between teams in the first month of the season. The Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles have gotten after each other. Manny Machado took out Dustin Pedroia with a hard take out slide to break up a double play and injured Pedroia on the play. In result the Boston Red Sox pitchers have hit Machado on multiple pitches, leading to benches clearing brawls.  

The start of the season has been very competitive and most of the teams in both leagues are in the middle of the pack. The NL Central is looking very competitive in the first month. The Cincinnati Reds have the best record (17-14) in the division, while the Brewers have the worst record (14-14) in the division.

Early season favorites for the American and National League Most Valuable Player has emerged. Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals and Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees.

Ryan Zimmerman had a rough season last year and many people were beginning to wonder how many season Ryan Zimmerman had left in him as he went into his age 32 season. Ryan Zimmerman has proved all his critics wrong, he leads the league in many categories. Which include: Home Runs, batting average, Runs Batted In, Slugging Percentage, On Base + Slugging Percentage, and Hits.  

Aaron Judge is entering his rookie season in the MLB and has taken the league by storm. He has become the American League version of Giancarlo Stanton. Aaron Judge leads the American league in Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Runs Scored, Slugging Percentage, and On Base + Slugging Percentage,

Major League Baseball has gotten off to a great start and looks to lead another exciting and amazing season, maybe this is the year another ball club ends their championship drought.