President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

Noah Sedmak, Staff Writer

Yesterday President Trump fired the FBI Director James Comey. James Comey had become a controversial figure this past year during the election season. James Comey first made the headlines when he stated Hillary Clinton had acted extremely careless with classified material, but decided not to prosecute her. Then with about a week till the election James Comey reopened the investigation into whether Hillary Clinton had acted criminally.

After the election top Democratic leaders have questioned the legitimacy of the Trump Presidency by claiming  with little to no fact that the Russians first interfered with the United States presidential  election. Then claimed the Trump Campaign had colluded with the Russian government to help win the election.

James Comey was leading the investigation into whether Trump had colluded with Russia to help win the presidential election. Many Democrats believe Trump fired James Comey because he had evidence connecting President Trump’s election to the Russian government. Now many people within the government are wondering what will happen with the ongoing Trump Campaign investigation.

While many democrats believe President Trump fired the FBI Director because he had evidence of a connection between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government, Republicans believe James Comey was fired because of his ineffectiveness to fulfil the duties of FBI director. James Comey ineffectiveness started when he failed to indict Hillary Clinton on criminal charges of espionage. There was more than enough evidence to indict Hillary and he did not for political reasons.

The investigation into the Trump campaign is a  political ploy to legitimize the presidency of Donald Trump. There has been no evidence to prove any connection between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Members of the intelligence committee in the “House” have said they have seen absolutely no evidence of any kind that connects President Trump to Russia.

The President had good reason to fire FBI Director James Comey because he had become an ineffective officer and had used political influence to determine the outcome of major investigations