Looking Back at a Successful Season

Ashley Rodriguez, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year draws closer and students wait excitedly for summer break, FCHS staff members and students have taken it upon themselves to make sure that the 2017-2018 school year ends on a high note! Many of the spring sports are coming to end as some of us prepare for SOLS and AP exams, while others await for summer break and graduation. The spring sports this season were soccer, lacrosse, tennis, baseball, softball, and track and field. Throughout the entire season, every sport has had its fair share of highlights. Coach Krause won coach of the year, showing how well the track and field team has done. Personal accomplishments have also accounted for highlights of the season. Heaven Minasie (9), a member of the girls’ JV lacrosse team said, “The highlight of my season was catching a really high ball that was thrown at me while I had a mouth guard in my hand.”

Many have come to terms with the fact that the spring sports season is winding down, but student-athletes have made these past few months unforgettable! Collectively, they’ve enjoyed being able to improve on their skills and work together in unified teams. The girls’ lacrosse team finished off their season, with their last game on May 8, 2017. The last game for the varsity girls’ tennis team was on May 3, 2017. A memorable moment of the tennis team’s season was the girls taking home an 8-1 win against Wakefield High School. The varsity girls’ softball team had their last game this past Monday, May 15, against Thomas Edison High School. Clarissa Flores (9), a freshman on the Falls Church softball varsity team, said “Overall, I really enjoyed the season. I really improved. I started off not knowing how to play and not understanding how the sport worked. Now I know how to field, catch balls, and my throw is significantly better.”

Countless student-athletes returning next season, or those hoping to try their hand at a sport for the first time, have a chance to prepare for tryouts this coming fall. As an athlete returning to track and field next season, Daniel Nguyen (9) said, “I’m looking forward to next season because even though all the seniors are leaving, we have a strong group of rookie runners who have lots of potential to do great.” There are a few more weeks until the spring sports season comes to its official end, so let’s make it count!