Where Did The School Year Go?

Whether you are a freshman a senior or somewhere in between I
think we can all agree that it’s a relief to see the school year come to an end.
The countless hours we have put in to get to this point makes the end of the
year feel good. For seniors the long four years are finally coming to an end
and it is approaching quicker than some of us may have expected. It’s already
mid-June and we are days away from graduation. For seniors there is
an excitement of a new chapter in our lives to begin. And whether you have
positive memories or negative memories of this school know that there is a
new beginning for all of us to start soon.
For the Class of 2018 there is a sigh of relief that junior year is almost
over. Now the excitement of senior year is quickly approaching, but there
is still a lot to be done. College searches, applications, scholarships, etc. will
take up a lot of your time this fall/winter. Don’t forget to enjoy your last year
of high school, take the opportunities to spend time with people that you
won’t see as often as you do now. Finally, remember not to get senioritis too
early because the first semester is still important.
For the Class of 2019 you are now halfway through high school. The
next two years will be a lot different than the past two years. You might
begin to drive yourself and become more independent. You also have more
opportunities to take AP classes and explore what you might want to study
in the future.
For the Class of 2020 you now have your first year of high school
under your belt. Whether it was better, worse, or exactly what you expected
you still have a lot of time left in high school.