What Did Trump Call Them?

Miracle Huff, Staff Writer

Well over this past weekend, Trump has said some brusque and vulgar things regarding NFL players not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. It is causing controversy and not only is he coming for people directly, but he tries to justify his reason for assault.

If you did not know already many NFL players refuse to stand for the Pledge In regards to the Black Lives Matters movement. In the eyes of many this is a way of protest and a sign of allegiance to those who lost loved ones to law enforcers and never received any justice what so ever. And as we all know the pledge claims there is “liberty and justice for all” but it hasn’t been shown over these incidents with race especially when it deals with life and death. Many people feel like supporting a country that doesn’t support you is inane.

By calling those men derogatory names because they refused to stand was unruly. Trump says that they should have more respect for their country but it doesn’t give him a right to say something like that. People came after him saying that his words were of dishonor and had to do with race but he says it doesn’t.

I am not saying he meant it to be about race but coming from him, it is believable. We all interpret things differently but if what he said was a issue why didn’t he clear the air or just apologize. For him to be the President of the United States and can’t help but to use slander of that sort he should probably resort to a career change. Not only is it disheartening to the NFL players but to all the people that support the movement. Not only are their efforts seen as being irreverent to our country but they are labeled under names for just standing up for what they believe in. In my eyes, the NFL players should continue to do what they do even in the dismay of the President.