Pep Rally To Have Major Changes

Noel Mikkelsen, Layout Artist

Spirit Week is just around the corner which means students and staff will be wearing different themed outfits each day of the week to show off their school spirit. At the end of the week, on Friday, October 20, students will wear their class colors and gather together to enjoy the fall pep rally hosted by the FCHS Leadership students.
There will be some significant changes to the pep rally this year. The pep rally will no longer be in the gym, it will now be outside in the bleachers and the football field. The second change is that there will no longer be two sessions. There will only be one session where everyone is outside at the same time. The last change is that the pep rally will last longer than it has in previous years.
The pep rally will occur at the end of the day on the Friday of Spirit Week. The bell schedule for that day will be changed, shortening the class periods, and eliminating Jag Time so that 7th Period will end at 1:45, with the pep rally immediately following that. The entire student body will then gather in the football stadium to watch feature performances by the award winning marching band, cheerleading squad, and chorus. The Leadership class will also host a variety of activities such as “So You Think You’re A Jag,” the announcement of the homecoming court, the recognition of the podsters, and many more surprises.
Ms. Sherman, the Leadership sponsor, and the Leadership students have been working very hard to make sure this year’s pep rally is the best it can possibly be. Carly Boyd (12), a leadership student, says: “This year we want to try and incorporate some new things into the pep rally as well as get every student involved. Having the pep rally outside this year will be really cool because everyone will be experiencing the same things together. We really want this to be a fun experience for everyone