Humans of Falls Church: Jaguars’ Life Experiences

Jia Williams, Feature Editor

Humans of Falls Church will be a regular feature in every issue of The Jagwire this year. For each publication of the paper, we will be asking four Jaguars a question about themselves. This week’s question is “What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving season and why?”Here are the responses:

“I am most thankful for my family and friends specifically because they push me to do things that I could not do before and they inspire me to do things I wouldn’t normally do. They push me to the limits and in general, they make me a better person. I’m also thankful for my parents because they give me a roof to live under, they provide me with food and love. And I’m thankful for my teachers because they teach me things I need to know to succeed both in the classroom and in life.”
– Reno Sholeh (11)

“I’m most thankful for an old friend. I’m thankful for this old friend because they made a huge impact on my life and shaped me into a better person without knowing how much of a positive effect they had on me and my life. They gave me advice and help when I needed it, and even though this friend isn’t in my life anymore, I can still rely on them for help whenever I need it no matter the situation. Our friendship is low maintenance, but it’s the best kind of friendship.”
– Katie Ngo (12)

“I’m thankful for football for keeping me busy after school and giving me something to look forward to. I’m also thankful for having my family to help push me and get me a better education. I’m thankful for my girlfriend, Stephanie, for keeping me up to date with my schoolwork. I’m thankful for my brother for constantly giving me support and I’m especially thankful for the food that gives me energy to do well.”
– Nick Gillette (11)

“I’m thankful for education because it will help me in many ways in the future. It will help me get into college and it will help me with my degree and job. Even if it may be a pain now, it will pay off in the future, which is what counts. I’m also thankful to have education because a lot of other children in the world are not as fortunate as I am and don’t have the same resources and access to education as I do.”
– Christine Duong (9)