Follow These Easy Tips to Lose Weight and Stay in Shape

Jason Darling, Sports Editor

New Year’s has just passed, and with the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and get in shape. There are many ways to go about doing this, and not all of them are necessarily healthy. We are going to cover some healthy methods to lose weight.
One of the main ways to get in shape is to exercise, but exercise is no more important than a healthy diet. There are many healthy options to choose when going on a diet, like fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, and unprocessed meat. Avoid sugary drinks, potato chips, white bread, and whole milk.
But remember even healthy foods must be eaten in moderation, and controlling how much you eat is one of the most important aspects of a diet. You don’t want to eat too much, as that can defeat the purpose of the diet in the first place, but you don’t want to starve yourself either, because eating healthy food can actually promote weight loss.
Exercise is important too, though. Going on a daily jog is a great way to get in shape, even if it’s just on a treadmill. But there are other ways to lose weight that don’t involve running, exercises like burpees, lunges, or even something as simple as push-ups are all good ways to lose some weight.
Drinking water is also very important to weight loss. Water keeps your body running at peak efficiency, and gives you the energy you need to lose weight. Drinking water is especially important after waking up, to replenish what was lost while asleep.
Speaking of sleep, a good nights rest can also promote weight loss. Sleep recharges your body for the day to come, and eight hours of sleep every night is a good goal to aim for. Setting a strict sleep schedule can help if you are having trouble getting a sufficient amount of sleep.
It will probably become difficult to continue with a weight loss program at times. The daily exercise and the restrictions on what to eat may become a lot to handle, especially on top of schoolwork and other commitments. But you have to remain strong, and push through the hard times, because it will all be worth it when you complete your goals!

Jonathan Ico (12) spots Nick Nguyen (12) as he performs a bench press to stay in shape.
(Photo by Jason Darling)