The 2018 Super Moons and the Emotions They Bring

Jasmyne Singleton, Editor-In-Chief

On January 31, the second super moon of the year occurred. This event is considered important and memorable, simply because super-moons are pretty rare. Seeing as the first super moon was on January 1, and the last super moon of the year -as far as we know- is on the last day of January, some were more excited than others about this occurrence. A super moon appears when our regular moon is full, or new, making it look larger than it actually is. On January 1, the super moon was just that, nothing special or difficult about it. But on January 31, the moon received the special nickname of, “The Super Blue Blood Moon.”

Consisting of a lunar eclipse, blood moon, and super moon features, the Super Blue Blood Moon was most visible in Russia, Australia, and parts of Asia when the moon was starting to rise, while those in North America would’ve been able to see it around six in the morning that day. Sadly those resting in South America, Africa, and Western Europe had to miss the event, having to watch and react to the pictures online about the rare cosmic event.

Now, a lot of people have a hard time grasping the importance or gift that seeing a super moon could bring. Urban myths in India are what stops people from enjoying even the simple things. Myths about super moons can stop a person from dong even the most simple of tasks like eating. Eating during a super moon is said to cause indigestion. While researchers have explained that eating or drinking during the eclipses won’t cause any health harm, its because of the beliefs in myths that stop them from doing it anyway. Another myth is that after the lunar eclipse passes, they say they rush off to scrub both body and hair. It’s said to wash off bot negative energy and harmful rays from the moon. Another myth is about watching the moon during the eclipse. Some believe that watching could damage your eyesight, even if there are glasses to prevent that from happening.

The 2018 year is said to be a special one. Starting off the year and ending the first month with lunar eclipses, people think the super moons of 2018 are bringing good luck. Here’s to the new year, and may it bring us all happiness and good fortunes.