Teacher Feature: Mrs. Johnson of the Math Department

Adam Bihi, News and Opinion Editor

For this issue of Teacher Feature, we had the opportunity to interview the always wonderful math teacher, Mrs. Johnson, formerly known as Ms. Samayoa. She is an Algebra 1 teacher and an assistant coach of Varsity Volleyball here at FCHS. She was overjoyed when she was chosen to be put in the spotlight as she has always wanted to be featured, so she could answer some interesting questions that give us a true feeling of who she is.
Where were you born?
I was born here at Fairfax Hospital, I’ve lived here in Falls Church all my life and graduated here in 2010.
What university did you attend?
I attended James Madison University.
What was school like growing up for you?
I didn’t really like school until 3rd grade, and I started having perfect attendance after that.
Do you have any hobbies or pastimes?
Simple stuff like biking, playing Mario Kart, frisbee golf, and just learning math.
Are there any differences from when you went to FCHS as a student?
There are obviously different teachers and administrators, but besides that, It really hasn’t changed that much. I have a teacher perspective that lets me see students who get it and students who don’t get it.
Did you compete in any sports when you attended FCHS?
I played volleyball for four years, cheerleading for one season (I wasn’t a big fan of it), indoor track for three years, soccer for four years, and I was also a triathlete.
Do you have any future goals or career plans?
I might want to look into a different career, I want to do something with education, and helping more students who speak a second language. Who’s been your biggest inspiration?
I know this may sound cliché, but my parents are my biggest inspiration, they came to this country to find better opportunities. They showed me how to value my education and respect others.
As you can see, Mrs. Johnson has many positive qualities and is the perfect teacher for relating to students. She is kind, hardworking, smart, and if you have her as a coach or a teacher, you are in good hands.