Job Interviews: The Do’s and Don’ts

Jasmyne Singleton, Editor in Chief

No matter if you’re 16 or 37, job interviews are apart of the inevitable. Whether they are good or bad, these interviews are going to help pave the way into your own future. While you may have mixed feelings about interviews, it’s important to remember that good first impressions are always necessary in the working world. That’s why many employers ask certain questions; they want to see just far you’re willing to go for the job, and if you are a suitable employee. That’s why it’s important to know all the unspoken rules of job interviews, and how to perfectly succeed at one.

To start off with, you should read up on the company. Make sure they treat each other right, no unpaid debts, etc. Don’t ignore the warning in your head if something seems out of place, instead take cautionary steps. You’re also going to want to sell yourself. Make sure you’re heard and loud and friendly. Employers see this as you taking an initiative and displaying positivity makes for a better work space, one where everyone is comfortable.  Dressing to impress, while it sounds obvious, is something to always remember as well. Make sure to freshen up before going to the interview.

One of the biggest don’ts that can be thought of is to not show up knowing nothing about the position or place where you’re applying to. Along with being late, this could very well jeopardize you’re progress. Mumbling and showing desperation is another thing that employers tend to frown upon. It’s okay to be nervous, but speaking up is a big part of the interview process. Being sloppy in general is a huge turn off. Nobody wants to hire someone with stains or pet hair attached to their being.

While this is only the basic do’s and don’ts, I hope this is something you will think about and remember as you prepare for the stage in your life. Good luck, and hopefully you’ll land that job with these helpful hints.