Fortnite’s weapons nerfed again — Here is the big update

Brendan Davis, Staff Writer

Fortnite: Battle Royale, a majorly successful game made by a well known game company, Epic Games, just had a new update where some big adjustments have been set into motion in the popular game.

Shotguns have been nerfed, traps have had a damage buff and the limited-time jetpack has had an “expiration date” and will be removed from the game in a certain period of time. the latest update (v4.3) will be heavily debuffing the Pump and Tactical Shotgun, here’s what they’ll be changing:

    • Pump Shotgun
      • Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.5 to 2.0
      • Damage reduced from 90/95 to 80/85
    • Tactical Shotgun
      • Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.5 to 2.0

“Shotgun consistency across the board is also something we’re looking into and aim to improve,” Epic notes. “We want to make it more apparent when you hit or miss a shot. In addition to that, making sure the accuracy is more consistent and improving other odd behaviors with the weapon is a top priority. We’ve identified a number of issues that we’re currently working on solving in the near future.”

This has made a lot of players a little mad as shotguns were heavily relied on by many players. They wont be impossible to use though and players will just have to get used to it and run the game the same way they used to or a different way as it applies to everyone.

Traps have been buffed thought making kills easier to obtain by the use of traps in this game.

“We made a large change to traps a few weeks ago to test decreasing damage from 125 to 75,” Epic’s update reads. “This was done in an effort to better understand the impact traps have throughout a match. The change sparked a great deal of excellent discussion about traps and we are going to lean more into improving their effectiveness. We want this to add more ways for you to be potent in combat.”

Trap kills will likely be used a lot more often as it seems that Epic would like for them to be used, as they seem to be popularly used by streamers and popular youtubers for “high skilled” kills that please a lot of viewers.

There isn’t much to say about the Jetpack though aside from that it is an awesome item that will be cut short for the moment as it is being vaulted on June 11th at 8 am. There is good news thought as this isn’t the last time we’ll see the jetpack, and we’ll be shown and displayed with a lot of other types of backpacks.

These were the main updates but there was a few other updates that have been explained in detail on their website, check it out :