2021 Homecoming Pep Rally: An Afternoon in Pictures

Homecoming festivities resumed with a bang! It was all smiles in the jungle as students and staff gathered in the stadium to compete in competitions, cheer on their class, and show their spirit.

Class of 2022 celebrates their last pep rally

Catherine Kane, Editor-in-Chief

Cheerleaders Logan Henry (11) and Nicole Hogge (11)


Keely Donovan (12) and Zackiri Kith (12) emcee


Kenny Sevart (12) hypes up the Class of 2022


The sophomore Class of 2024 celebrates at their first pep rally after a year of virtual spirit


Shri Bala (9), Samantha Mendoza Hernandez (12), and Harper Tran (11) work on the homecoming float


Jamison Scott (10) and Teymour Mohammed (10) pose on the track


Natalie Derwinski (11), Andie Hirz (11), Sonya Newett (11), and Damierah Walker (11) compete in the So You Think You’re A Jag dance competition


The cheerleaders form a human pyramid with Lucy Boyd (9) on top


Euphonium player Ricky Brown (9) rejoices


James Dapogny (12) and Ayden Arana (12) emcee at the pep rally


The freshman Class of 2025 dances in their first pep rally


Will Shryock (10), Jason Ung (10), Brendan Kane (10), and Jamison Scott (10) show their moves in the dance competition


Luis Antonio Serrano (12) performs his fan-favorite Michael Jackson impression


Andrew Nguyen Tran (12), Kay Lambert (12), and Kenny Sevart flip to victory in the dance competition


Lucas Riedel (9) had the lead in the relay race before the bolt in his bike came loose, causing his bike to break in two. Julian Scott (12) sped ahead after Lucas’ fall and took the relay championship trophy.


All photos credit to Katie Child.