Happy Anti-Valentine’s!

(Photo courtesy of www.metalinjection.net)

(Photo courtesy of www.metalinjection.net)

Phiney Wong, Staff Writer

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day devoted to love and showing that special someone you care about them. Valentine’s Day is awkward when you’re single, and your friends with partners are busy preparing. Every February for as long as I can remember, I am supposed to embrace a holiday that wants me to feel bad for not having a “special someone.” If you like candy, you hit the jackpot on Halloween. For food, Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl. As for gifts, Christmas is the big event for that. I’m not saying Valentine’s Day is inherently bad; I’m just saying it is certainly no one’s favorite holiday, except for the couples out there.

Allow me to explain what people don’t like about Valentine’s Day. First, for most women, the attitude is like… How much do you love me? And on this day that’s measured by what she gets. For many guys out there, the question is more like… Oh well, what do I have to get her?”. We give cards, flowers, and chocolates.

Cards are pieces of papers. Papers are made from trees. Therefore, buying cards is like killing a tree which can damage the environment. Did you also know that flowers wither really quickly? They don’t even last for a week. We know that girls are addicted to chocolates. These have a chemical compound that’s responsible for feelings of euphoria, hyperventilation, increased heart rate, dilated pupils and sweaty palms.

So what if some of us are bitter? Some of us just happen to have other feelings around February 14 besides romantic acts of love. Everyone deserves an alternative, if what is being offered in the mainstream doesn’t quite fit their needs. Regardless of where your love life is on February 14, you will be subjected to people’s preconceived expectations for the holiday. If you are single, you have the choice of playing the I-don’t-care-about-Valentine’s Day card or the bitter singleton card. At the end of the day couples will probably go out somewhere to show their affection to their loved one. Good luck bitter people!