Are You Thankful For Falls Church High School?

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, “Falls
Church is too poor to afford nice things”. It’s easy to look at other
schools in the area and say Falls Church is behind in development, because
of their nice facilities. The last time Falls Church was renovated
was in the 1980s, a renovation characterized as a “patch and paint,”
which wasn’t a huge renovation but added things like air conditioning.
Although it has been a couple of decades since it was formally renovated,
Falls Church is not as bad as people make it out to be.
We have one of the nicest, newest synthetic turf fields in the
county. We also have a great Academy program and section in the
school. There are other improvements that are popping up around the
school that you may not have been noticing. The track was recently
resurfaced in parts where it had been worn out. Just last year the main
gym floor was redone. We have other great features in our school like
the observatory deck used by the astronomy classes.
Whenever you go to schools like Wakefield and see their college-
like gym, or Washington-Lee and see their pool it’s easy to say
Falls Church, in comparison, is poorly funded. However don’t use
schools like those as benchmarks for an average high school. Our
point is Falls Church High School is a nice place that deserves more
credit. Our custodians work hard to keep the building as clean as they
do. We should all be thankful for the great school we are able to learn
in every day. Whether you think Falls Church is nice or not, you can’t
deny that it is a place full of special people who we should all be thankful