Car of the Month: Carly Boyd’s 2007 Honda Civic

By Adam Ashley, Photo Editor

The car of the month is a prestigious
title, and in this edition, The Jagwire is designating
Carly Boyd’s (11) silver 2007 Honda Civic.
Carly’s sisters call the car “Tiffany, because of
the really girly sounding horn.” Tiffany used to
be Carly’s dad’s car, but once he got a new car,
he gave up his old one to Carly. Tiffany is driven
daily to and from school by Carly, and she notes that “it’s a good car, very trusty.” It has a sleek
silver paint job and a well-crafted interior, making
it a blast to ride in no matter the occasion.
Carly’s car is equipped with many special
features, some of those being: doors that “have
problems unlocking,” a “kicking aux cord,” for
a jolly good time no matter who’s choosing the
playlist, and lots of memories in the car as a
whole. Carly recalls a time where she was babysitting
some friends, and they brought a bag of Cheez-Its into the car. Shockingly, the bag was
full of ants, and it was mistakenly left in her car,
unleashing an army of tiny insects all throughout
the vehicle. That was cleaned up in no time,
however, and the car is back in action—sansant.
The car also features impressive mileage,
great fuel economy, and a strong reliability.
Carly’s car is the ideal car for any high school
student, and she has been told that people envy
the really amazing attributes that this car brings
to the table.
Carly recently crashed her car in a Mc-
Donald’s parking lot. She was backing out and
someone suddenly ran into her. Both Carly and
Tiffany were safe, though, and Carly’s car is back
on the road. As a teen driver, Carly wants people
to know that she means business, and although
she can have a lot of fun in her car, she can get
the job done without fooling around. Tiffany
is able to fit five passengers, leading to countless
jam sessions, car games, and just a heck of a
good time. Tiffany truly deserves the title of car
of the month.